Friday, July 13, 2012

13 ja reede!!!

Ma pole kunagi olnud väga ebausklik, aga täna virutas see 13. reede meile ikka täie jõuga bitch-slap'i. Hommikul sain sellise äratuskõne: "Hey, this is Jesus calling from the reception. Since the hotel doesn't have enough rooms available, we're going to move you. You're going to move in with the other two Estonians, we thought it's a good thing since you're all from the same country. We need you to move out today or tomorrow morning before nine o'clock." WTF???

Ühesõnaga kolime kokku kahe täiesti võõra tsikiga... 4 tüdrukut ühes toas, jagamas ühte vannituba? It's gonna be HELL out here, that's for sure!